Residential Real Estate

Each day, members of the Firm are involved in negotiating contracts for the sale or purchase of residential real estate in the coastal region, as well as representing those sellers or buyers in closing their transactions. Whether the transaction involves primary homes for the permanent residents of this fast growing area, or second and vacation homes for vacationers, members of the Firm are experienced in the issues that commonly arise in such sales. During 2005, Firm attorneys were involved in over 1000 real estate transactions. Single-family homes, condominium units, townhouse units and timesharing transactions all have their unique problems and areas of potential risk for both the buyers and sellers.

Although in some states, real estate loan closings are not performed by attorneys, in South Carolina that is required by law. There are a multitude of issues that can occur to cause what seems to be a routine real estate transfer to become problematic. Title matters, survey matters, Homeowners' Association issues, private deed restrictions, construction defects, environmental conditions and financing issues all pose their own set of potential problems for the buyer or seller of residential real estate. Guidance and assistance of an experienced attorney helps to identify and resolve such problems before they become even more involved and help facilitate a smooth conclusion to the sale.

The proper drafting of the Contract of Sale between the Seller and Purchaser can often eliminate or avoid many of the common areas of dispute that arise in the typical residential transaction. The improper drafting of such agreements, on the other hand, can be the cause of often contentious disputes over matters that could have been avoided with proper forethought. The form contracts used by many in the real estate profession often contain language that obviously cannot be beneficial for both the Seller and Buyer in every instance. Unless the parties to the contract have received advice from experienced professionals at even this early stage, the potential for conflict is present.

Buying and selling a residence can be stressful for the parties for any number of reasons. In addition to performing the usual transactional functions associated with the ordinary residential closing, our attorneys make every effort to identify and resolve both potential and actual problems in a quick and amicable fashion so that all parties achieve what they intended without conflict and as stress free as possible. Our attorneys provide personalized service for our clients, including conducting closings outside our office is circumstances warrant. We believe strongly in serving all of the needs of our clients.

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