Individual & Consumer Representation

      An important component of the firm's practice consists of assisting individuals with the various legal issues     that confront them daily. Among these are the following:

  • Personal Injury and Accident related representation in which we represent the injured individual in his or her dealings with the professional adjusters and attorneys representing the insurance industry;

  • Workers' Compensation matters in which the Firm represents the injured worker against the employer and its worker's compensation insurance company;

  • Employment Matters in which the firm represents the employee in various disputes with his or her employer, such as wrongful termination and whistle-blower litigation;

  • Real Estate Sales and Purchases, including the negotiation and drafting of contracts of sale, title examinations and loan closing services;

  • Consultation relating to business affairs and the formation, purchase or sale of small businesses owned or being organized by our individual clients;

  • The Collection of debts other monies owed to individual clients, as well as the defense of litigation against them by those claiming debts.

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