Health Care Law & Collections

The firm represents many regional hospitals and medical practices in their business related matters, including, employment, corporate, real estate, debt collection and regulatory issues.

  • Practice formation and partnership matters;

  • Debt collection for self-pay and third party liability claims;

  • Real estate acquisition, building construction and practice expansion;

  • Contract negotiation, drafting and enforcement;

  • Civil litigation.

The Firm has attorneys and a large staff engaged in assisting medical providers in the collection of their unpaid bills.  The Firm also provides consultation in best practices relating to every stage of the clients' intake, documentation and billing process, all aimed at streamlining the process and increasing collections. In addition to this, the Firm represents a wide variety of medical providers including large and small hospitals, both public and private, national groups providing specialty treatment, and physician practice groups of all sizes.

We have found that a unified approach to the medical collection issues of our clients leads to both higher collection rates and a more satisfying relationship between the client and the patients, with every effort being made to avoid damaging that relationship. Medical Clients that have engaged the Firm to assist in designing their collections and intake process and to assist in collecting the unpaid bills, also consult on a myriad of other issues of interest to their business. These include issues involving HIPAA Health Insurance and Medicare issues and practices relating to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

For all collections clients, whether they be in the medical field or otherwise, we are able to provide asset searches, skip traces and other services that serve to avoid costly collection efforts that may prove futile.

The Firm has attorneys licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and collections services are available in all of those states.

For more information, please contact us online or call us at (843) 449-9417.

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