Regardless of the type of accident a client has, personal injury cases have certain similarities. Of course, each case begins with the investigation to determine the cause of the accident and the responsible party. Unless the injured party can prove that the injuries are the result primarily of the acts or negligence of others, he or she will not be able to recover. Our initial efforts relate to investigating the circumstances relating to the event, the history of the defendant, the history of the location and other similar information that is useful in determining the party at fault.

Determining the extent of the injuries is of paramount importance in every case. It is important not to try and settle any case too quickly, since many injuries, or their severity, do not manifest themselves immediately. We emphasize to all clients that the most important task initially is for them to get well and get the best possible care they can in order to reach their maximum medical recovery. Only then do we work with the clients, and their medical providers, to compile a complete picture of the injuries, the treatment, the medical costs and the prognosis for future problems.

Although no two cases are alike, damages in personal injury cases fall into a number of broad categories. Among them are: existing medical bills and future medical bills; lost wages and future lost wages; pain and suffering and such pain and suffering that is likely to continue in the future; loss of enjoyment of life; compensation for disfigurement or scaring; compensation for medicines and travel to medical treatments. In cases of severe injury it often is necessary to secure testing of a psychological and vocational nature, which when combined with the medical record, can lead to a clearer picture of the future work possibilities of the client. Through years of experience in cases such as this, we are able to assist our clients find the needed evaluations and proper analysis of their cases.

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