Auto Accidents & Truck Accidents

Attorneys in our law firm represents clients involved in every type of auto accident, and truck accident resulting in personal injury, serious injury, permanent impairment, and death. For over 30 years, the law firm has assisted our clients who have suffered injuries and lost wages as the result of automobile wrecks.

Every year approximately 14 million tourists visit the greater Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area. Over 90% of those visitors arrive by car. This large number of autos, combined with many drivers unfamiliar with the roads and local area produces thousands of wrecks and injuries each year.

Injuries received from auto accidents often begin a sequence of events that seem to run out of control. From the pain and suffering incurred from the injury, to the financial problems arising from medical bills and inability to work, what initially may seem a simple matter quickly can become a major and live-altering event. Our experienced attorneys assist our clients in finding the proper medical care and in arranging reasonable payment options for that care. If lost wages and other economic losses occur due to the injury, our experienced attorneys work to secure settlements that include adequate compensation for those losses.

From the investigation of the wreck to the evaluation of our clients' medical records; from assisting clients in getting paid for their auto damage to getting compensation for permanent impairment, our attorneys and staff are experienced in assisting in every step of the process.

Whether the case involves negotiation with insurance companies and adjusters, or litigation in the courts, our goal is to insure that the client receives the compensation he or she is entitled to receive.

Compensation for auto property damage is frequently received with no attorney fee charged to the client. We receive no fee for injury claims unless there is a recovery and the initial visit is always free. If you are in a South Carolina auto accident, please feel free to contact us either by telephone at (843) 449-9417 or by an appointment for a free consultation.

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